Information by Seven sisters mystery school: Mountaintops are places that connect us with both the upper realms beyond the Veil as well as the earth energies below. Mountains govern the grid of an entire region.
As all indigenous people knew and still know, they can be used to connect us with the Star Nation Allies, as well as to keep the energy grids of a place clear, clean, positive and healthy. That’s why they’ve been locations of ceremony camp; spiritual veneration since time immemorial.
I could speak about how mountain peaks and their associated grids are being obscured, scrambled; misused through chopping, capping, establishment of electrical and cell towers; other things, but I won’t get into that here. I simply invite you to look at what’s gone on at some of your local mountains to see what I mean.
As we are all discovering, everything is about intention. Whatever you intend will have an effect because you say it is so. This is the new consciousness reality that we are moving into.

How to Bless a Mountaintop. Re-empower Your Land

  • If you want to restore, and heal; reinvigorate your local mountain and energy grid, and if you are able to climb your local mountain, go into meditation; ask the mountain if it wishes you to climb it to do so.
  • If you get a yes, do your pilgrimage with sacred intent. At the bottom of the mountain, create a place where sing a song to the mountain (even improvisationally), asking its permission to climb; offering praises to it.
  • Drive and/or climb until you find the absolute highest point. If the tip is reachable, place your hand there, call upon your highest level guides; Earth Allies, connect with your heart; send a pulse of love from the tip out through the entire grid that flows down from it. (Or place your hand as close to the tip as you can physically get). Send prayers of healing for the people; the restabilizing of our energy grids of our world.
  • Sent out whatever other blessings you wish. If you can, do this in ritual with others.