The secret life of Places. Trebbe Johnson

Hola Alicia, 

¿Recuerdas  a mi? Nos conocimos a Tamera hace tres años a Summer University. Me encantó su energía! Y yo guié un evento especial en el lago sobre lugares y personas de curación.

Ahora quedo in Ecuador, donde estudio español, pero tengo escribir el resto de este mesaje in ingles.

I met so many wonderful people there that summer. One was you, of course, which is why I'm sending you this. Another was Charlotte Phillips. Since that time she & I have gotten together to create a program, The Secret Life of Places, that we will offer at her Ananta Sacred Space 17-19 April. In this program we will work with art, ceremony, and story to explore how what happens at a place affects the people who live there and how both can be healed with attention and beauty.

I think this program would be especially meaningful for you because you work with women who have known violence in their homes and communities. I would love to see you there! It would be so wonderful to bring together a few friends from Tamera. Do think about it! And if you know of anyone else who would be interested in this program, please let them know too.

You know from personal experience how the energy of a place can affect your own state of mind in many ways, both obvious and subtle. That's why I'm so excited to invite you to a special workshop I'm offering through Radical Joy for Hard Times and hosted by Ananta Sacred Space in Gandesa, Spain.
At a beautiful restored forest garden near the sacred pilgrimage trail Camino de Santiago, the last Spanish Civil War battle site, and other historic events, we'll explore how what happens in a place influences feelings and behavior in the people who spend time there. And we'll learn how attention, creativity, and compassion to the land also heals the human.

The Secret Life of Places 

Some places invite you in. Some places make you feel anxious. Some places are alive with sacred energy and some feel neglected and abused.

When a place is trapped in a certain pattern, the people who live there and love it are affected as well. The land around Ananta Sacred Space has long been part of a repeating pattern of trauma. The last and bloodiest battle of the Civil War was nearby in Corbera. In 1948 an air
line crashed in Gandesa, and recently the land has been scarred by deforestation and energy pylons.

In this workshop we will explore the living energy of the ancient land around Ananta Sacred Space and together offer personal stories, ceremony, and collaborative, spontaneous art to uncover and heal old wounds. In the process, you may find that old and frozen places in yourself are touched and healed as well. You will also learn practices and meditations that you can take home to transform your own homelands. The program will include a special visit to Corbera d’Ebre.

Workshop leader Trebbe Johnson is the founder of Radical Joy for Hard Times, a global community devoted to finding and making beauty in the wounded places of the Earth.

Ananta Sacred Space is a beautiful retreat center and forest garden in northeastern Spain. It is located along the Camino de Santiago and near the Pandol Mountains.

Yurt accomodation, vegetarian cuisine provided. 10 places only. €365 per person (approx. $470). A €90 deposit is required to hold your place.

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