Tamera´s Calendar of events 2017

In service of compassion for all life,
The Tamera Community

 Water Retention Landscape of Tamera

Tamera´s Calendar of events 2017

The Logo of the Healing BiotopesReception 


 Community ImpressionWoman Power in the Stone Circle of TameraIn the Energy Greenhouse - Barbara Kovats and Janos ValderTamera Map


from 03rd on           Students group and season group
15th – 19th            Blueprint Meeting
Working with Pigs for Landscape Healing


03rd – 14th         Internal Education „Akron School“
22nd – 28th        Introduction week (for Global Love School and Technology Project)
Embracing Lake 1


01st – 07th         Global Love School I
08th – 09th         After Space Global Love School
10th – 13th         Times with horses as an After Space to the Gl. Love School
10th – 14th          Grace Foundation Symposium
19th – 26th          Internal Education „Akron School“
27th – 03rd of June   Tamera Energy-autonomous
28th – 03rd of June   Introduction Week (for Global Love School and Network partners)
 Founders of Tamera


05th – 11th        Global Love School II
12th – 13th         After Space Global Love School
14th – 17th         Times with horses as an After Space to the Gl. Love School
26th – 02nd of July     Intern Education „Akron School“
Sunpulse Hotoil Stirling

July     -  Begin of the open Guest season -

03rd – 09th        Introduction Week
10th– 16th           Sacred Alliance of all beings, Seminar
11th– 14th            Horse Course
16th – 22th          Introduction week (in german)
24th – 30th       Internal Education „Akron School“
31st – 13th of Aug.     Youth Camp
 The Aula of TameraForum - creating transparency and trust in community


31st of July – 13th     Youth Camp
07th – 16th       Tamera Summer “Sacred Activism” with children time parallel
07th – 20th       Horse Course
20th – 26th       Portuguese Introduction Week
21st – 27th       Internal Education „Akron School“
21st – 31st       Art Course
21st – 16th of Sept.    Community Course
23rd – 31st       Seedharvest Workcamp
Energy Greenhouse


21st of Aug. – 16th     Community Coursel
02nd – 09th       Tamera Energy - autonomous
03rd – 09th       Introduction week
18th – 25th       Sacred Matrix Seminar
24th – 30th       Introduction Week (especially for craftsmen)
25th – 01st of Oct.     Internal Education „Akron School“
26th – 29th       Horse Course 
 In the BarStone Circle of Tamera

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