September 2015- Following Celia Fenn.

What's Happening This Month

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    9 September 2015
    9/9 Star Gate
    The Energy of the 9/9/8 creates a Star Gate or Vortex for incoming Light Codes and Energies that will manifest the New Earth.  A time for Sacred Circles and Deep Meditation on the Wisdom of Higher Consciousness and the assistance of Archangel Michael and the Angelic Realms.
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    13 September 2015
    New Moon in Virgo and Partial Solar Eclipse
    The first of two Eclipses this month, falls on the New Moon on the 13th.  A Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo allows for anchoring of new Solar Light Codes of the Divine Feminine.  With the incoming Frequencies of Luminosity, we can expect that the radiant Magenta Rose Ray of the Divine Feminine will be part of the new codes for the New Earth.  This is a time to celebrate the New Earth with Sacred Circles and Drumming and dancing for the Goddess if that resonates with you.
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    23 September 2015
    The Global Equinox indicates the beginning of Fall in the North and Spring in the South.  At this time the magnetic flows of energy are very powerful as the Earth comes into Balance and prepares for the new season ahead.  In the North it is a movement towards rest in the cold winter ahead, while in the South it is preparation for the new life and energy of the summer that lies ahead.  The Equinox itself is that moment when the day and the night are of equal length.  It is a time for a Ceremony of Gratitude for what has been and for what lies ahead in the new season.
  • Aries Moon
    28 September 2015
    Full Moon in Aries and Total Lunar Eclipse
    This is the last of a two year series of "Blood Moons" and also a Total Lunar Eclipse.  In the fiery sign of Aries, the Full Moon will be anchoring the new Light Codes and Energies of the Sacred Divine Masculine.  These Light Codes will be transmitted via the Great Central Sun and anchored in at the time of the Eclipse.  It will be a time for a Fire Ceremony and Circle to welcome the Divine Masculine, and also using Water in the Ceremony would be appropriate.  The Sun will be in Libra, the sign of Marriage, and this indicates the upcoming Sacred Marriage of the Luminous Divine Masculine and Feminine Flames in November at the 11/11/8.

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