Bees and the power of the sacred feminine. Marguerite Rigoglioso. Luisa Frazao y su taller de Cale, Cailleach de Iberia

En el occidente, las abejas han sido un totem asociado a las diosas y sacerdotisas desde el Antiguo Egipto. Marguerite Rigoglioso elabora una conexión entre las abejas y el poder del sagrado femenino.
In the West, bees have been a sacred totem associated with goddesses and priestesses going back to ancient Egypt. Sharing more intriguing images, Marguerite Rigoglioso elaborates upon the connection between bees and the power of the sacred female, exploring, in particular, the manifold meaning of the “Bee” title as given to prophetesses at Delphi and other Greek priestesses.
She discusses the mystical aspects of the bee, including the trance-inducing sound of their drone, the link between their “honey” and medicines thought to induce non-ordinary states of consciousness, and their parthenogenetic (virgin birth) power, revealing aspects of women’s priestess power that have rarely been discussed.
Pointing out that bee behavior itself has long been seen as a form of prophetic communication, she concludes by reflecting on the meaning of the current bee disappearance crisis — colony collapse disorder — as it relates to the sacred feminine and women’s power.


Luiza Frazao
Luiza Frazao is a Priestess of Avalon. She is from Portugal living now in Glastonbury, and she is the founder of the Portuguese Wheel of Cale of the Garden of the Hesperides. She is a researcher on Goddess traditions, a teacher and a communicator, authoress of blogs about the Goddess Movement and gender issues. She holds ceremonies and Goddess inspired workshops, courses and trainings.
This woman from Portugal, who is now living in Glastonbury is going to give a seminar on the topic of Cale, Cailleach of Iberia, in the Goddess Conference. In the far West, where the Sun merges each evening into the deep endless Ocean, lies the sacred Garden of Cale, Calaica, Cailicia, the Garden of the Golden Apples of eternity. Nine wise sisters, the Hesperides, the Sisters of the Sunset, are the keepers of Cale’s sacred land, keepers of the ancient wisdom and mysteries of life and death. They have been for ages waiting to be found, willing to allow us to enter their magical Garden of deep knowing, remembrance, and wholeness. In this workshop we will explore their Garden, finding the gifts and treasures they hold for each one of us.
Luisa Frazao, portuguesa afincada momentáneamente en Glastonbury da un taller sobre Cale, Calaica y el Jardín de las Hespérides, las nueve hermanas de poniente, en la Conferencia de la diosa- Goddess Conference- este verano.

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