What´s happening this month- July 2015: Full moon in capricorn, 16 July New moon in cancer, 25 July Day out of time, 26 July Planetary New Year, 31 July Full Moon/Blue moon

What's Happening This Month-
Information by Celia Fenn

  • fmjuly15411
    2 July 2015
    Full Moon in Capricorn
    This month there are two full moons, the second one being a "Blue Moon".  The first one, on the 2nd July is in Capricorn.  It is an Earth Moon and provides a time to celebrate the beauty and abundance of the Earth in Full Moon Ceremony.  The Sun is in Cancer, a water sign that provides plenty of flow and movement as well.  Time to dance, meditate and drum around a Sacred Circle made from Rocks, Crystals or Stones.
  • moon cancer
    16 July 2015
    New Moon in Cancer
    New Moon in Cancer!  Cancer is a water sign and is associated with the Goddess energy, especially Isis in the ancient Egyptian stories.  The rising of the Nile and the Planetary New Year were always preceded by the powerful energy of the Divine Feminine represented by Water and the River Nile.  At the dark of the Moon, it is a good time to connect deeply with the inner Goddess and decide what new beginnings you wish to create in the year that comes after the 26th!
  • dayoutoftime
    25 July 2015
    Day Out of Time
    The Mayan calendar ends on the 24th July and the New Year begins on the 26th July.  The 25th July is known as the "day out of time".  It is a magical day dedicated to artists and creatives and is all about playing joyfully as you prepare to create a new Spiral of Time or Timeline in the year that lies ahead!
  • CosmicDancer
    26 July 2015
    Planetary New Year
    In many ancient traditions and calendars, the Planetary New Year falls on the 26th July.  In the Sirian teachings of ancient Egypt, the New Year was followed by the Lion's Gate on the 8th of August, which poured out abundant blessings on the Earth.  The New Year is a time to celebrate the abundance and blessings of the flow of Divine Grace and Love to the Earth.
  • blue moon1
    31 July 2015
    Full Moon/Blue Moon
    Full Moon in Aquarius with sun in Leo.  A light and Airy Moon with a fiery sun can produce some volatile but very creative energy in this period leading to the Lion's Gate. A Time to celebrate the Blue Moon with Music, Drumming, Dancing and Fire Ceremony.  Perhaps, also remembering that Aquarius is the Water Bearer, include Water in the Ceremony in some way.

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