Dr. Clarissa Estés speaks about Nepal

Dear Brave Souls: Nepal Struck by Second Major Earthquake tonight- 12 Mai 2015. Let us pray with our whole bodies. I've medicine for you, and a request of your soul.
I'm so sorry to say, 7.4 massive earthquake has hit Nepal just now again, since the one two weeks ago that killed many thousands of people and injured ever so many.
The good news, is there are many helpers and equipments there already and more yet to come. There will be need for additional resources, money and supplies. Do all you can. We say in the field in posty-trauma: Dont analyze anything other than what is before you, expediantly just aid and support what is right in front of you, one added to one added to one.
This earthquake tonight [here it is night, in Kathmandu and at Everest the earthquake occured in the early afternoon just a couple hours ago.] reached also across northern India where people in New Delhi ran from their homes and buildings. 
You likely have Nepalese, Tibetan and East Indian communities and temples nearby in physical proximity or within reach on the internet. Go there to help those who are already helping.
Hold steady for those in such duress. Stay strong. We are not separate from the souls in Chile or Congo, nor Nepal or Nigeria, nor any place right where you live.
We can stand in solidarity. Dont fatigue now. Stand close.
We can together pray to mediate the shock of our sister and brother souls' sufferings.
And I would add one more... I urge you to not only reach beyond your front door to help those who are in such difficulty now... but also to consider deeply and without rancor but with full power of guts and bright calm heart to be thinking about which path[s[] you will take to raise your voice along with the voices of millions across the world, and push back against the power structures within your reach to say NO! 
 NO! to further incendiary, bombing and fracturing assaults on Mother, whether below the great waters of the Indian Ocean, The Black Sea, the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, in mere lakes and in great inland oceans and the enormous riverways like the Yangtze and the Amazon... and across the deserts and open lands that are OUR WATERS, OUR MOUNTAINS, OUR LANDS, not the private fiefdom of 1000 malevolents to do with as they wish no matter who they sicken and kill, Mother or/and her children.
I am not saying great upheavals of earth and sea are caused by human x or y. Listen to my differentiation. This comes with fierce love for you and for our Mother...
I am saying that since forever the earth and seas have heaved and displaced when there appear to be NO humans in proximity, or humans who were merely using sticks to plant and to scratch symbols in the sand.
What I am saying is that when Mother is in upheaval in what appears to be a natural course of exhalations and rearranging whether brought by the stars or whatever we cannot predict, she is like a Great Soul-- to be given every consideration, to be calmed and soothed.
One would never afflict a human person in the midst of huge upheaval, by adding to the abject turmoil already --by attacking, by cutting off arteries carrying life, by kicking in the bones, by poisoning the respiratory system, by polluting the blood, by blowing up the lungs of the body, by blinding the eyes, by closing the pores of the skin so the body cannot breath, by removing vital organs, by suffocating neural pathways so the person withers away and all who love her, begin to die quickly and slowly right along with her. Never!
Same and same. 
Let THAT too be our prayer and our active prayer tonight. What and who can you ally with? This morning. This evening. Come all Time in One Place, soon.
Roar, but roar with love. Fight, fight with radiant Love. Cry out, with voice of the Angel who was born with you. Cry out in Incandescent Love that travels the dark vault of the heavens like lightning that brings blessed rain. Hold the line, with Inestimable Love. Resist, with all the Love in you. Heal the part of the wounded world within your Loving Reach. I am right beside you. WE are right beside you.
Do all you can. My Tribe of the Sacred Heart, many of us Scar Clan. Who would better know the way through? Yes!
I place this prayer for you here, the Giants: Pavarotti, and Eric Clapton. Making peace with our Mother for whatever offenses we've made, making healing acts toward our Mother, this prayer song is redemptive opportunity to say how we've fallen away from the bright golden line, to be given loving forgiveness, and to take shelter in Her loving arms. No blame. Only knowledge. Path of heart. Life of integrity to strive in and for Her. I suggest you turn the volume all the way up to sonic, and let this prayer down into your sternum and pelvis as succor, as strength, as a time-release medicine.
I send love and prayer over you and your life with every tenderness in me. Be healed and helped and strengthened by the voices of these two giant male-hearts singing strength into your very bones.
Dr. Estés.
Holy mother, where are you?
Tonight I feel broken in two
I've seen the stars fall from the sky
Holy mother, can't keep from crying

Oh I need your help this time
Get me through this lonely night
Tell me please which way to turn
To find myself again

Holy mother, hear my prayer
Somehow I know you're still there
Send me please some peace of mind
Take away this pain

I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait any longer
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait for you

Holy mother, hear my cry
I've cursed your name a thousand times
I've felt the anger running through my soul
All I need is a hand to hold

Oh I feel the end has come
No longer my legs will run
You know I would rather be
In your arms tonight

When my hands no longer play
My voice is still, I fade away
Holy mother, then I'll be
Lying in, safe within your arms

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