Plumas. Información de Shannon Thunderbird.

AZUL- Vuela hacia tu ser interior, y escucha los mensajes de tu propia verdad y de tus creencias. Crece tranquilamente durante una temporada y calma tu espíritu, permite a la fuerza y a la sabiduría del silencio entrar en tu corazón. Sueña tus sueños y hazlos tuyos.
VERDE- Vuela a los brazos de la Madre Tierra y siente la conexión con ella y realiza que no estás sol@. Eres una criatura de la tierra, cualquier acto de placer, alegría y abundancia es dado por ella, la Madre de fuerza creadora. Usa su energía para ayudarte, y  sanarás lo bastante para compartir esta energía con otras personas.
NARANJA- Vuela hacia el conocimiento de tus fuerzas y poderes de persuasión y sabe de tu ser de confianza, con el que puedes contar, lo que te da persistencia y capacidad de triunfo. Para cuando lo necesites, persiste cuando lo necesites, y permite
lugar al cambio e intercambio de energías.


BLUE - Fly into your own inner self, and listen for the messages of your our own truth and belief that it is yours. Grow quietly for awhile and calm your spirit, allow the strength and wisdom of silence to enter your heart. Dream your dreams and own them.
GREEN - Fly back to the arms of Mother Earth and feel the connectedness with her and know you are not alone. You are a child of the earth, all acts of pleasure, joy, and abundance are given by the Mother of the creative force. Use her energy to aid you, and you will healed enough to share this energy with others.
ORANGE - Fly into the knowledge of your own strengths and reasoning powers and know that trusting yourself, you will endure and triumph. Stop when you need to, persist when you need to, and allow room for change and exchange of energies.
PINK - Fly into the womb of your own creativeness, and believe that your own natural love, compassion and joy will reflect on yourself and on others. You cannot win the game of life if you are too serious. Open up your powers of observation.
PURPLE - Fly to that place that holds your own spiritual insight. Fly into your dreams and believe that you are here for a purpose and be grateful for your life. Reclaim the power of loyalty to self and self truths. Remember all gifts are equal in the eyes of the Creator.
RED - Fly to where the blood flows through your physical body. Feel its life and protection. Listen to your own integrity and courage, and provide your own leadership for yourself. Recognize that there may be a need for changed in your life that you are not recognizing.
YELLOW/GOLD - Fly to the arms of Grandfather Sun and all his healing powers. Feel your nervous system calming down, wrap yourself in the feathers of your favourite bird and give thanks for its protection.
WHITE/SILVER - Fly to the place tht holds your innocence. Revisit it, for it is the very c
ntre of you, and know that the Creator protects those with faith and purity. You may be running from one idea to another and forgotten how t receive, by blocking gifts from the universe. Let someone hug you, let sne gy compliment - do not fear being rejected.

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